Looking for a legal e-book to help you with your Australian business?

Law E-Books

Our lawyer, JAMES IRVING, has published some legal ebooks on topics of commercial law relevant to business owners.

The ebooks are available for purchase online. Please click on the links below to see the details for each book:

All three ebooks listed above were published via Wave Eight Media. More are planned. The books are written in plain English, are concise, and are intended to give non-lawyers a basic grasp of relevant concepts.

If you are looking for something more technical or elaborate, there are plenty of legal textbooks on the market written by brilliant university professors. Don’t be confused, these ebooks are not intended for use as textbooks. These are intended for busy business owners who want to quickly learn the basic concepts of a particular area of law without a great deal of fuss.

In addition we have made some resources for business owners available for free on our website. Please check out our Resources section by clicking on the Resources tab in the menu.