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Legal Advice for Business Owners


Lawyers are often a first point of contact for people who are starting businesses.

We help new business owners identify the “legal” and “non-legal” aspects of their situation, and refer them to other professionals for assistance with “non-legal” aspects.

What business structure is right for you?

If you are a new business owner, you need to consider whether to set up a company, a partnership (with a business partner), or to run the business as a sole trader. We will discuss your options with you, and along the way we will also ask you:

  • Have you developed a business plan? You should consult an accountant about this, and also the taxation impacts of your different business structure options.
  • Have you thought about insurance, and saving for retirement? Many businesses fail if their key persons become sick or die. You may also want to think about how you will wind down your involvement in your business, or sell it, and how you will have enough money at the end of your working life to live comfortably.
  • Do you need loan finance? We know brokers who can assist to get you to get the best interest rates on new loans or help you to refinance your existing loans.
  • Do you need training or coaching? We know some excellent  business coaches who can help you make sure your business functions at its best level.

It’s about building relationships

You will need reliable legal advice from time to time, if you are running a business. Please visit our Customer Profiles page to see out how we create and maintain relationships with our clients that add value to their businesses.

If you would like to discuss your business legal issues with a lawyer, please contact us – Irving Law, trusted Business Lawyers in Perth, on (08) 6460-5460.

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