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We assist our clients in two main areas – commercial documents and advice, and estate planning.

Commercial Documents & Advice

Most of our business clients are Small/Medium Enterprise owners who come to us for their legal documents and advice. Every business owner needs a dependable lawyer. Because we are a smaller-sized law firm, we can offer our clients a friendly, responsive, and personal client experience, with a fast turnaround, reasonable fees, and no compromise on quality. We operate out of Perth, Western Australia, and Melbourne, Victoria.

Wills and Estate Planning

Our Will clients are interested to make sure their Wills work the way they want them to. We apply our professional skill and knowledge to make sure their wishes are written up in the best way for their unique situations. Our clients gain peace of mind knowing that the Wills they have prepared with our assistance will secure their families’ futures in the desired way.


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“I don’t refer my clients to anyone unless I have the upmost faith in their knowledge, abilities and professionalism. I have this in James Irving, and recommend you consider his services.” – Chris Cornish, Avant Financial Services
I can say without hesitation, that James Irving has achieved, at a very acceptable cost, my exact goals in the document and that I am totally impressed with his application to the task of understanding my business and drawing of a document that provides the level of security commensurate with my business needs.” – Geoff Sedgwick, Unattended Sales Australia


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See our Client Profiles to find out how we work with our clients to build a better foundation for their business success. Visit our Resources page for information and links.
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Melbourne meeting location: 41 Stewart Street, Richmond, VIC, 3121.