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Our People

    JAMES IRVING Principal Lawyer

    Principal lawyer JAMES IRVING is an Australian Lawyer and Attorney of New York State, USA. He holds law degrees from the Universities of Adelaide and Melbourne, and is a published author.


  • Liz Tait
    Liz Tait Office Manager

    Office Manager LIZ TAIT manages the administrative side of Irving Law. Liz is a qualified social worker with degrees from Murdoch University and UWA.

  • Judy Rees
    Judy Rees Assistant Manager

    Assistant Manager JUDY REES assists Irving Law with administration and client liaison.

Since its inception, Irving Law has assisted hundreds of business owners with legal documents and advice and continues to attract clients who care about personal service and quality.

Irving Law: Commercial & Business Legal Advisers

James Irving, founded the firm in 2011. He is assisted by admin support staff and freelance lawyers.

What are we selling? Legal advice? Documents? Yes, but more than that. If you are a business owner, we are helping you be confident that the legal foundations of your business work properly.  Add a lawyer to your team.

Our main work areas are:

Our Commercial & Business Law practice covers corporate advice and documents (helping business owners with their companies), and commercial legal documents (working with contracts, leases, and other types of agreements).

If you are a business owner looking for personal service from a user-friendly and knowledgeable lawyer, you’ll get that from us.

Our Estate Planning & Wills practice includes preparing basic and testamentary trust Wills, and helping our business-owner clients to create succession plans.

If you would like a professionally prepared Will to make sure you are in control of what will happen to your wealth and property when you pass on, we can assist you.

See the LEGAL SERVICES tab in the menu above to find out more about our full range of legal services.

Irving Law and/or James Irving are members of the following bodies: International Business Council; District32 Business Networking; Perth Growth; the Melville-Cockburn Chamber of Commerce; and the “Where To Shop With Crypto” Community.

Dependable Legal Expertise

Reliability when you most need it.


Who our clients are

Most of our clients are business owners. We pride ourselves in having many satisfied clients. Meet some of our clients.

How we work

To save time, and therefore save our clients money, we use technology to automate some of our document preparation work. We aspire to make legal services more accessible, to encourage the use of legal services, and to improve the quality of the legal services that we provide.

How we charge

Everyone has heard that lawyers are expensive. Unfortunately, that is too often true. Part of the reason is that lawyers have high overheads, like expensive Professional Indemnity insurance. Part of the reason is that a lot of legal work is time-consuming. We understand that our clients don’t like paying huge legal bills, and we do our best to keep their costs down. We do that by giving the clients accurate time/fee estimates at the beginning of our relationship, and carefully explaining what we will do for them so that they can see the value of what they are paying for.

We do charge fixed prices for certain services, like Basic Wills, which are more or less the same amount of work for us each time. We don’t have fixed prices for complex work which can’t possibly be the same each time. Think about it: if you give us a 20-page lease to review but are paying the same price as a person who has an 80-page shopping centre lease (plus a few other documents), then somebody is either paying too much or too little. We prefer to establish trust with our clients by telling them exactly what we will do, and how much it’s going to cost them.

“We work with you to help you set up a good foundation for your business success.”

James Irving

Principal Lawyer

Our Commitment


We provide good quality legal advice and documents that solve our clients’ legal problems.


We build long-lasting relationships with our clients based on trust and clear communication.


We provide our clients with appropriate legal advice suited to their unique needs.


  • I can say without hesitation, that James Irving has achieved, at a very acceptable cost, my exact goals in the document and that I am totally impressed with his application to the task of understanding my business and drawing of a document that provides the level of security commensurate with my business needs.

    Geoff Sedgwick
    Geoff Sedgwick Unattended Sales Australia
  • I don’t refer my clients to anyone unless I have the upmost faith in their knowledge, abilities and professionalism. I have this in James Irving, and recommend you consider his services.

    Chris Cornish
    Chris Cornish Avant Financial Services
  • I would highly recommend James Irving at Irving Law for legal advice and services. James Irving is definitely the most thorough and caring professional in his field, that I have ever met. A professional on so many levels, who sincerely cares about the people he is dealing with, providing the best possible service for his clients and working in an ethical and moral manner. If you are looking for honest advice and the highest quality service, then you need look no further than Irving Law.

    Karen Twort
    Karen Twort Perth business owner
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