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Get legal advice about your company

Most small businesses in Western Australia are formed as Pty Ltd companies.

Find out what else you should do after you set up your company.

You may need some of the following documents:

  • Shareholders agreement, also called a “buy/sell” agreement.
  • Terms and conditions for your sales or services, or a client services agreement
  • Legal information for your website (Terms of Use; Privacy Policy).
  • Employment agreements for your staff.

Not sure what to do next?

We have worked with many startup businesses, including new technology businesses. Let us guide you in setting up the legal basis for your business in collaboration with your accountant and other advisers.

James Irving, lawyer, says:

Many people get a company set up by their accountant or do it themselves, but aren’t sure what other legal documents they may need. Having a discussion with a lawyer is helpful. 

Company directors should make sure that the legal documents that control how their company is managed say what the shareholders want them to say. The wrong place to discover that a mistake has been made is in a courtroom after a dispute has erupted. That will cost everyone a lot of unnecessary time, money and energy.


It’s about building relationships

“I enjoy working with business owners to understand their businesses and create contracts that will work well for them. Too often lawyers simply give their clients standard templates that don’t match the client’s requirements very well.” – James Irving (Principal Lawyer)


Our Services

We offer our business owner clients a range of services including:

  • Terms and Conditions or template goods/services sale agreements.
  • Subcontractor or employment agreements.
  • NDA / confidentiality agreements.
  • Privacy Policies and website Terms of Use.
  • Other kinds of agreements.

We also prepare and review Commercial Leases and Franchise Agreements.

If you need assistance with business contracts and company / corporate documents from a business lawyer in Perth WA, please contact Irving Law

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