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Do You Have A Will?

IRVING LAW can help you prepare your Will

Irving Law prepares Wills for clients in Perth and Western Australia:

  • Wills – Basic Wills and Testamentary Trust Wills
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney
  • Enduring Powers of Guardianship
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Why should you make a Will?

Having a Will provides peace of mind that, when you die, your affairs will be looked after by your chosen Executor, in exactly the way you have directed in your Will. Not everybody needs a Will. But if you own any valuable property, such as a house, and have dependents, such as a spouse and/or children, then you probably should think about having a Will drawn up.

There’s no nice way to say this: your death is going to cause grief to the people you leave behind. Don’t make it worse by leaving them with a financial and property mess to sort out. We can help you get your affairs in order.

If you would like assistance preparing your Will, please contact us.

Get Professional Assistance To Prepare Your Will

What are Testamentary Trusts?

Some Willmakers may benefit from making a Testamentary Trust Will rather than a basic Will. A Testamentary Trust Will is a special type of Will that creates a trust, similar to a discretionary or “family” trust, when the Willmaker dies.  Creating a trust, instead of giving gifts directly to beneficiaries, may have advantages.  For example:

  • the trust property can be kept intact and managed by an expert such as an accountant
  • rules can include or exclude persons as beneficiaries, e.g. if a primary beneficiary’s spouse divorces them, the spouse can be excluded automatically
  • having the property in a trust, instead of being held directly by the beneficiaries, can have taxation advantages for the beneficiaries.

Find out more about Testamentary Trust Wills


Your Will in a bigger picture: Estate Planning

Having a Will is only one aspect of your estate planning activity. You should also think about your retirement savings, investments and superannuation. Irving Law has a network of professional colleagues working in complementary areas, such as financial planning, and we provide our clients with referrals to those experts as part of our service.

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