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We would like to offer our clients and other website visitors the information on this page as a free service. Below, we have collected our presentations and links to our articles and blog posts.


  • A PDF comparative table of commonly used  business structures in Australia, which you can use with the video presentation, can be downloaded HERE.
  • Download a TRANSCRIPT of the video HERE.


  •  STARTING UP A NEW COMPANY IN AUSTRALIA: We have published a video presentation on this topic on YouTube. Click HERE to view the video.
  • Download a TRANSCRIPT of the video HERE.
  • Go to our Companies page to find out more about our services in this area. Click HERE


CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENTS IN AUSTRALIA: See our YouTube video presentation on this topic. Click HERE to view the video.

  • Download a TRANSCRIPT of the video HERE.
  • Go to our Contracts and Leases page to find out more about our services in this area. Click HERE.
  • You can also read our blog posts on UNFAIR CONTRACTS and TERMINATION CLAUSES.
  • Read our blog post on the difference between a SHAREHOLDERS AGREEMENT and a PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT.


  • ANTI-BRIBERY & ANTI-CORRUPTION – our colleague ELLIE PELLO-ESSO runs her own independent consultancy teaching corporate social responsibility principles, and has prepared this paper on the application of UN anti-bribery and anti-corruption rules. If your company does business in developing countries, you should consider training your managers to make sure your company doesn’t breach these important rules.


  • For some information on Franchise Agreements, go to our Franchise Agreements page: Click HERE.


  • Do you know what the difference is between an “incorporated association” and a company? Read our LINKED IN ARTICLE to find out. (Join Linked In, it’s free!)




  • Have a look at our blog post explaining TRUSTS


  • If you are interested in making a Will, or learning about Wills, please go to our Wills page, where you will find our video presentation on Making A Will in Australia: Click HERE.
  • Download our pre-interview questions for Will clients.

ICONS: CREDIT NOTE: many of the icons used in both our slide shows and videos are used under licence from IconArchive. To see a full list of the individual artists, together with backlinks to their portfolio pages, please visit our Business Structures page. Where we use an image under a licence we will include the owner’s details and the licence details in the publication where feasible or alternatively here on on website

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