Meet David Crann: Actor and Theatre Producer

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Meet one of our Testamentary Trust Will clients: actor and theatre producer David Crann, who has been a positive contributor to the cultural scene of Perth, Australia, over many decades. It is our great honour to work with David to help him establish a good legal foundation for his legacy by preparing a Testamentary Trust Will and also a charitable trust. Through these legal arrangements, he will provide ongoing support for two community organisations that are dear to his heart and that he has been involved with for decades, namely the Patch Theatre Inc. and the Victoria Park Public Library Inc. A person’s Will is very important. It is a way for them to ensure that the assets they have gathered over the course of their lifetime are not wasted after they pass on, but are put to good use.  We enjoy working with our Will clients, like David, to assist them to do this. Generosity is a great virtue, Nobody exemplifies this better than our friend and client, David Crann.

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