We assist clients to review and prepare Commercial Leases

If your business is or will be leasing premises to operate an office, showroom, factory, or storage area, or for some other business-related purpose, you will almost certainly need to sign a commercial lease. We can review the document for you and provide you with appropriate advice.

We also prepare commercial leases, if you are a landlord. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Watch our video on Commercial Leases in Australia.

A lot of problems can arise with commercial leases. Arguments between landlords and tenants about fixtures and fittings, rent reviews, repainting premises, and many other issues are very common. If you are a tenant who is signing a new lease, Irving Law can help you by reviewing the lease and preparing a report highlighting the important issues. If you need to go back to the landlord to ask for changes, we can draft a letter for you to use. You are welcome to download our free Infosheet Understand Your Lease.

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