New Ebook

Photo: Ebook cover Franchise Law (Australia)

Our lawyer, JAMES IRVING, has published a new ebook via – a guide to basic franchise law concepts, written in plain English, for Australian franchisees. Although franchising attracts many first time business owners, it also presents a huge challenge to anyone unfamiliar with legal structures and language.

It is not uncommon for a prospective new franchisee who is moving into a shopping mall to be given a franchise agreement of at least 50 pages, a disclosure document usually larger than that, and then also a lease which could be 70 pages long, a disclosure statement for the lease, and on top of that a fit-out guide and some smaller agreements. Where to begin? Ignorance of the law is not an option, but most legal books on the market are textbooks written for lawyers and law students.

James has written three ebooks for business owners so far, and plans to write some more. The books are written in plain English, are concise, and explain basic legal concepts in easy-to-grasp language. Visit our legal ebooks page on website to see a description of the books and find links to the Kindle Store.