Meet Geoff Sedgwick, Perth’s King of Unattended Sales

Photo: Geoff Sedgwick of Unnattended Sales Australia

Did you know that a company in Germany makes a machine that dispenses gas bottles for barbecues? Geoff Sedgwick of Unattended Sales Australia does, and not only that, if you would like one or maybe even a few of those (or any other kind of dispensing machine) installed at your shop or office, he can organise that for you. Meet the Unattended Sales King of Perth! We have been very pleased to work with Geoff, an experienced international businessman, to develop his standard document for placing automated dispensing machines at his clients’ premises. The final document was an excellent example of cooperation between Geoff, an expert in his area of business, and us, commercial lawyers, where each side contributed its expertise and knowledge to create a specialised document adapted to the unique circumstances that face Geoff and his machines.

Geoff has these kind words to say about us:

As a start-up with a fairly unique business model, I needed to engage a commercial law firm that would be prepared to understand the complexities of the Operating Lease I required and provide the requisite advice in areas that are not necessarily common to  standard operating leases – if such things exist;  I was also concerned that each time I engaged with the firm in these somewhat difficult to articulate areas, I would incur fees that would make the exercise too costly to achieve without some compromise in the final document.  

 I can say without hesitation, that James Irving has achieved, at a very acceptable cost, my exact goals in the document and that I am totally impressed with his application to the task of understanding my business and drawing of a document that provides the level of security commensurate with my business needs.