Franchise Agreements – What Are The Big Issues?

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One of the types of agreements that we often review for clients is Franchise Agreements, which can be large documents, and also come with a Disclosure Document that includes lots of financial and other information, all of which has to be studied carefully.  A franchise can cost anywhere between AUD$40,000 and $1 million, and that is a big investment to make without getting professional advice.

In some ways, the process of deciding to buy a franchise business is easier than other types of businesses, because of the amount of disclosure that is provided, but it is also true that franchise businesses involve paying a lot of fees, and the buyer has to make a careful decision about whether the business will be sustainable for them.  Franchises are attractive to people without a lot of business experience because the franchisor will provide training and an operating manual, but it is a mistake to think running any business, including a franchise business, is hassle free.

We have assisted clients with franchise agreements for all kinds of businesses, and have developed considerable experience and knowledge in advising on this subject. Please visit our webpage about FRANCHISE AGREEMENTS, to learn more about our services in this area, and if you are interested in learning more about franchising law, please follow links there to a series of articles we have published on various legal topics related to franchising.

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